Table 1: Examples of Neuropsychological Tests.     
 Mental Status Attention Language Memory Visuospatial Ability Conceptualization
*Mini-Mental State Examination

*Short Portable
Mental Status

*Mental Status

*Blessed Dementia

*East Boston
Memory Test

*Letter Cancellation

*Digit Span

*Continuous Performance Task

*Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination

*Western Aphasia Battery

*Token Test

*Boston Naming Test

*Wechsler Memory Scale

*Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test

*Selective Reminding Test

*Delayed Recognition Span Test

*California Verbal Learning Test

*Randt Memory Test

*Fuld Object Memory Test
*Benton Visual Retention Test

*Block Design Subtest of Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test-Revised (WAIS-R)

*Similarity Subtest of WAIS-R

*Proverbs Test

*Trail Making Test

*Modified Card Sorting Test

*Visual-Verbal Test


Adapted from Cassel CK. Riesenberg DE, Sorensen LB, Walsh JR, eds. Geriatric Medicine 2nd edition. New York: Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. 1990.

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