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Course Information

8th Annual Genetics Education Symposium –
Genetics & Genomics: Applications for the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Cancer

An Invitation from Dr. Charis Eng

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to attend the Genomic Medicine Institute and Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare’s virtual 8th Annual Genetics Education Symposium, entitled “Genetics & Genomics: Applications for the Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Cancer.” We are planning an engaging day that will meld cutting-edge research with advances in the diagnosis, management and treatment of hereditary cancer syndromes.

Lucy Godley, MD, PhD, professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, will deliver the keynote address on hereditary hematologic malignancies. Other topics include alternative approaches to genetic counseling, PTEN hamartoma tumor syndrome, Lynch syndrome screening and vaccinations, somatic testing, immunotherapy and targeted therapies, such as PARP inhibitors.

I am sure you will enjoy this day of education and discussion centered on our common interests in genetic and genomic medicine. Please refer to the enclosed agenda for more details about this year’s speakers and topics.


Dr. Charis Eng, MD, PhD

Charis Eng, MD, PhD
Hardis Chair, Genomic Medicine Institute
Director, Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare
Cleveland Clinic

Course Overview

This program, presented by Cleveland Clinic’s Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) and the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare (CPGH), will provide the opportunity to review the latest advances in genetics and genomics. GMI and CPGH will provide state-of-the-art information to healthcare providers treating patients with hereditary cancer syndromes. Expert Cleveland Clinic and guest faculty will present case- and research-based presentations highlighting the integration of genetics and genomics into clinical practice.

Who Should Attend

We invite practitioners and healthcare professionals seeking to learn the latest developments in medical genetics, especially providers in Hematology/Oncology, Genetics, Internal Medicine and Subspecialties, Pediatrics, and Nursing. Trainees and students with an interest in expanding their knowledge of genomic medicine and related topics are also encouraged to attend.

By Attending, You Will Be Able To:

  • Identify hereditary cancer syndrome red flags in a patient’s personal and family health history
  • Discuss current management practices for patients with a diagnosis of, or at risk for, hereditary cancer syndromes
  • Examine the role of genetic testing in the diagnostic and management processes for patients with cancer
  • Assess novel genetic service delivery models for hereditary cancers