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Course Information

Health Disparities 2021: Moving Forward to Close the Gap in Minority and Ethnic Populations

About the Course

Stroke, heart attacks and other related health disparities are devastating to communities across our nation due to their broad impact. These disparities ultimately result in death, disability, or limited engagement that leads to negative consequences in terms of financial stability, work-force numbers, care-giving, availability of expertise and guidance, with disproportionately higher rates in the African American and other minority communities. Greater awareness of the major issues surrounding stroke, heart attack and other health disparities in these populations is needed, as awareness is the first step in bringing about positive change. This conference will provide the evidence underlying stroke and other health disparities and will include a discussion of solutions to overcome the obstacles through lectures, case presentations, expert panels, and patient panels led by a nationally renowned faculty.

Learning Objectives

  • Critically assess the outcomes of local and national efforts to eliminate stroke and other health disparities in minorities and ethnic groups.
  • List challenges clinicians and patients/communities face that contribute to health disparities.
  • Describe the recent insights regarding social determinants of health and its impact on patient care.
  • Critically assess the impact of optimizing the Doctor-Patient relationship on eliminating stroke and other health disparities.
  • List the major areas where there are knowledge gaps in our understanding about stroke and other health disparities and identify interventions to mitigate these disparities.

Target Audience

Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Primary Care Providers, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, OB/GYNs, Urologists, Cardiologists, Interventional Radiologists, Public Health Specialists, Social Work Professionals, and Medical School Faculty.