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Course Information

Cleveland Clinic Robotics in Plastic Surgery Conference

This meeting highlights current and emerging uses for robotics in plastic surgery and collaborative specialties. Through hands-on training and expert panel discussions, attendees will learn cutting edge robotic techniques, develop skills to build robotic surgical programs, enhance multi-disciplinary collaborations and integrate related  technologies in their practice workflow.

Sessions include:

  • Robotic Assisted Breast Reconstruction and Robotic Mastectomy
  • Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Surgical Visualization
  • Hospital Credentialing and Robotic Training, Regulatory Framework, Innovation in Robotics
  • Pearls from Collaborating Services
  • Robotic Ventral Hernia and Rectus Diastasis Repair
  • Robotic Assisted Microsurgery, Nerve Repair & Flap Harvest
  • Hands-on training through cadaver and dry labs (included with course registration)

By attending, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the use of robotics in plastic surgery and abdominal wall reconstruction, troubleshoot challenges in robotic surgery, and select the best robotic surgical candidates.
  • Formulate plans for learning robotic techniques, credentialing in robotic surgery, and attaining hospital privileges for robotic surgery.
  • Review pertinent surgical anatomy for robotic abdominally based flap harvesting and abdominal wall reconstruction.
  • Demonstrate surgical techniques, including how to raise abdominal wall flaps, dissect the deep inferior epigastric blood vessels, and perform robotic microvascular and super microsurgical anastomoses.
  • Identify opportunities to collaborate with and incorporate techniques from allied surgical fields, including urology, gynecology, and colorectal surgery.
  • Describe how image-guided surgery, advances surgical visualization (VR/MR) and artificial intelligence impacts surgical robotics.

Who Should Attend?

The Conference is targeted to plastic surgeons, surgeons from collaborative specialties, residents, fellows, and all healthcare professionals interested in the use of robotics in surgical procedures.