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Course Information

2021 Multidisciplinary Approach to the Contemporary Management of Heart Failure

Course Description

Heart failure is a growing and costly problem associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Its prevalence is increasing due to the aging population, as well as to the marked increases in survival rates among those with myocardial infarction and valvular disease.

Register to attend Cleveland Clinic’s 2021 Multidisciplinary Approach to the Contemporary Management of Heart Failure symposium. Designed to address evidence-based guidelines, pharmaceutical advances, SLGT2 inhibitors, left ventricular assist device (LVAD), and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, you will leave with the tools for diagnosis, treatment, and management of heart failure.

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the morbidity and mortality rates associated with heart failure and discuss the evidence supporting recent treatment guideline revisions.
  • Define the key innovations in pharmacologic therapy for heart failure and describe their optimal use in specific patient populations.
  • Assess the role and safety of glucose-lowering therapies in patients with heart failure.
  • List the occurrence, risk, and outcomes of specific cardiac conditions associated with heart failure and describe strategies to diagnose and manage the conditions.
  • Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of patients with advanced heart failure.
  • Define the specific population of patients who may benefit from valve devices versus heart transplant.

Target Audience

Providers who care for patients with heart failure, including internal medicine specialists, primary care providers, family physicians, cardiologists, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses.