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Course Information

Course Overview

Discover the latest advances in the Discover the latest advances in the field of uterine transplantation with international teams. Learn from leading experts as they discuss key topics in a highly interactive program with case presentations from groups from around the world, surgical videos and panel discussions.

Target Audience

Surgeons and physicians concerned with Women’s Health, OB/Gyn and transplantation. Researchers, residents and fellows concerned with these disciplines are also ideal.


  • Develop and implement a robust uterine transplantation clinical and research team
  • Review the current world experience in uterine transplantation and define factors that affect and predict transplant success and failure
  • Apply novel surgical approaches that result in effective inflow and outflow of the uterine graft
  • Optimize immunosuppression protocols in the context of a uterine transplant
  • Coordinate gynecological and reproductive procedures such vaginal anastomosis and IVF and embryo transfer
  • Manage high-risk pregnancies and obstetrical complications resulting from uterine transplants

Call for Abstracts

We welcome either poster submissions and/or surgical videos. There is no cost to submit.

Abstracts should be submitted by August 1, 2019.


Structured abstracts can be sent to

For poster submissions, please send abstract as a word document attached to an email to

For surgical videos, please keep to 8 minutes or less. Send as a link via Google drive or Dropbox. If you have technical difficulties, please email