Precision Care in Lung Diseases is an optional one-day pre-symposium that will provide an update on pulmonary genomics in the areas of airway diseases, lung cancer, pulmonary hypertension, and interstitial lung disease. Pharmacogenetics has revolutionized patient care and the therapy of lung diseases in particular. While the practice of medicine continues to be limited to guidelines that treat all patients equally, precision medicine aims at tailoring medical therapy to the clinical and genetic characteristics of each patient. Attend this symposium for an update on the rapidly evolving discipline of genomics and new advances that can be applied to your clinical practice.


  • Describe the current state and future trends of precision medicine in patients with lung diseases
  • Highlight recent evidence showing the importance of sex/gender as a biological variable and describe the implications of these data to pulmonary medicine
  • Apply research on sex/gender differences to improve the care of patients with lung diseases

Target Audience

The course is directed to physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals who specialize in critical care and pulmonology medicine.