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Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses' Society Mid East Regional Annual Meeting - October 2-4, 2014 - Cleveland, Ohio
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The R.B. Turnbull, Jr. MD School of WOC Nursing Education is pleased to host the 2014 WOCN Mideast Regional Conference. This year’s annual conference will include didactic lectures and presentations from nurses specializing in wound, osotomy and continence as well as colorectal surgeons, pharmacists and other medical professionals. Topics that will be covered include management of fistulae, stoma sites, surgical method of would closures as well as discussion of professional development and everyday challenges for WOC nurses. Unique to this year’s conference is the opportunity to watch a live televised surgical case performed by our own Chairman of Colorectal surgery, Dr. Feza H. Remzi, which is something not to be missed.


  • Explain the technique involved with fecal diversion surgery
  • Identify the appropriate wound for closure through advanced surgical methods
  • Discuss medical and surgical methods to manage enterocutaneous fistulae
  • Develop goals from a focused assessment in nursing management of fistulae
  • Recognize peristomal cancer
  • Explain the value of preoperative stoma site selection in successful ostomy surgery outcome
  • Describe management strategies in designing a reliable pouch seal for a complex pouching situation
  • Explain a temporary nursing intervention in the short term management of stoma prolapse
  • Discuss methods of promoting a healthy lifestyle through prevention, motivation and education
  • Describe evidenced based care management options for the assessment and management of the diabetic foot
  • Discuss strategies to enhance professional development
  • Explain biophysical agents that promote healing in the stalled wound
  • Employ negative pressure management techniques to successful outcomes for the chronic wound
  • Discuss the diagnostic procedures in determining surgical intervention for posterior pelvic floor problems
  • Develop a nursing management plan for the patient with posterior pelvic floor associated problems
  • Differentiate the causes and management options in the care of the person with urinary incontinence
  • Describe the process of credentialing the advanced practice nurse to perform colonoscopy
  • Apply pharmacologic principles in the medical management of the person with irritable bowel syndrome

Target Audience

Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses Society – WOCN 
The WOCN Society is a professional nursing society, with over 4500 members, supports over members by promoting educational and research opportunities to advance the practice and guide the delivery of expert health care to individuals with wounds, ostomies and incontinence.

Need / Gap Analysis

This course will improve management of the patient with wound, ostomy, and continence care needs through collaboration between interdisciplinary providers.


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