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Thursday, October 15, 2020

7:50 am
Welcome and Introduction
Adam Myers, MD and Lars Svensson, MD, PhD

Session I: Prevention and Management Part 1

Moderator: Adam Myers, MD
8:00 am
Primer on Risk Calculation in 2020
Leslie Cho, MD
8:20 am
Lipoprotein(a): An Important Unrecognized Risk Factor
Steven Nissen, MD
8:40 am
Statin Initiation, Statin Intolerance, and Strategies to Optimize Adherence
Julie Huang, MD
9:00 am
HTN Management in the Era of Current Guidelines
Luke Laffin, MD
9:20 am
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
9:40 am
Break and Visit Online Exhibits

Session II: Prevention and Management Part 2

Moderator: Leslie Cho, MD
9:55 am
Glucose Lowering Agents in the Prevention of CV Events in Type II Diabetes
Dennis Bruemmer, MD, PhD
10:15 am
Primary Prevention Guidelines: Beyond Treatment of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
Tamanna Singh, MD
10:35 am
Women and Heart Disease
Leslie Cho, MD
10:55 am
Decision Making in Primary and Secondary Prevention Therapies in the Geriatric Population
Ardeshir Hashmi, MD
11:15 am
Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease
Steven Nissen, MD
11:35 am
Virtual Visits: Here to Stay? Making the Model Work in Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions
Adam Myers, MD
11:55 am
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
12:15 pm
Lunch Break and Visit Online Exhibits

Session III: Diagnosis and Management of CVD

Moderator: Heba Wassif, MD, MPH
12:45 pm
COVID-19 Risk Factors and Mechanisms of Myocardial Injury Including ACE2
Mina Chung, MD
1:05 pm
Long Term Management of COVID-19 Induced Myocardial Injury: What We Know and What We Don’t!
Paul Cremer, MD
1:25 pm
Improving Outcomes and Quality of Life in Your Post MI Patient
Venu Menon, MD
1:45 pm
Peripheral Artery Disease: Lifestyle and Pharmacotherapy Options
Joseph Campbell, MD
2:05 pm
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
2:25 pm
Break and Visit Online Exhibits

Session IV: Structural Heart Disease

Moderator: Brian Griffin, MD
2:40 pm
Degenerative MR: How Long Do You Watch and Wait and New Evidence for Earlier Referral and Intervention
Brian Griffin, MD
3:00 pm
Cardiac Murmurs- Benign or Serious
Serge Harb, MD
3:20 pm
The New Paradigm of Valvular Heart Disease Care For the General Practitioner
Amar Krishnaswamy, MD
3:40 pm
Aortic Stenosis: Risk Factors, Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Rhonda Miyasaka, MD
4:00 pm
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
4:20 pm

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Friday, October 16, 2020

Session V: Heart Failure

Moderator: Jerry Estep, MD
8:00 am
Success with Systolic Heart Failure: Key Components of Effective Management and Triggers for Referral to an Advanced Heart Failure Specialist and Reduction of Readmissions
Jerry Estep, MD
8:20 am
Treatment Options for Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
Sanjeeb Bhattacharya, MD
8:40 am
Diagnosis and Management of Non Ischemic Cardiomyopathies: Amyloid
Mazen Hanna, MD
9:00 am
HOCM: How to Diagnose, How to Manage, and When to Refer
Milind Desai, MD
9:20 am
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
9:40 am
Break and Visit Online Exhibits

Session VI: Clinical Conundrums in Your Clinic

Moderator: Milind Desai, MD
10:00 am
Work Up and Management of Stroke in the Young Patient
Joanna Ghobrial, MD
10:20 am
Cardio-Obstetrics: When Should a Cardiologist be Involved?
Margaret Fuchs, MD
10:40 am
How Do You Evaluate and Follow the Patient with a Pulmonary Embolism
Marcelo Gomes, MD
11:00 am
Preoperative Cardiovascular Evaluation: How I Do It
Ajay Bhargava, MD
11:20 am
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period

Session VII: Heart Rhythm

Moderator: Elad Anter, MD
11:40 am
Syncope Workup in Clinical Practice: Guideline Update
Kenneth Mayuga, MD
12:00 pm
Non Pharmacologic Stroke Prevention Ablation and WATCHMAN - Patient Selection and Outcomes, When Should I Refer?
Walid Saliba, MD
12:20 pm
Dilemmas in Arrhythmia Management of the Geriatric Patient
Daniel Cantillon, MD
12:40 pm
Panel Discussion/Question and Answer Period
12:50 pm

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