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2014 Preceptorship in Carotid Ultrasound Interpretation - Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute
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Course Description

This intensive 4.5 day program will train the participant to interpret carotid duplex ultrasound examinations through a series of activities, including: didactic lectures, preceptored interpretation sessions with staff physicians of the Cleveland Clinic Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory, hands-on scanning sessions, and review of an extensive library of programmed learning cases with angiographic correlations. By the end of the week, the participant will have interpreted approximately 125 carotid duplex ultrasound examinations. Enrollment will be limited to 5 participants per session to allow for ample opportunity for interaction and direct mentorship from course faculty.

At the end of the course, participants will receive
documentation of their experience, including the number of examinations interpreted during the week. This documentation may be used toward application for vascular laboratory accreditation and/or physician certification in vascular testing (e.g. RPVI examination).

Participants are encouraged to prepare for their intensive week in the Cleveland Clinic Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory with a series of focused reading assignments which will be sent to participants prior to arrival in Cleveland.

Course Objectives

  • Review cerebrovascular anatomy.
  • Identify required elements of the carotid duplex ultrasound examination.
  • Identify key elements of a high quality lab program, including written study protocols, validated diagnostic criteria, thorough diagnostic reports, quality assurance initiatives and laboratory accreditation and physician and technologists certification.
  • Master interpretation of carotid duplex ultrasound studies for both common and uncommon disorders through extensive mentored interpretation.
  • Recognize when additional neuroimaging is indicated to further characterize and diagnose disease.
  • Recognize commonly used diagnostic criteria for internal carotid artery stenosis.
  • Review indications for revascularization of carotid artery stenosis and therapeutic options for revascularization (endarterectomy vs. carotid stenting).
  • Recognize manifestations of cardiac disorders that may be seen on carotid Doppler waveforms.

Target Audience

  • Cardiologists
  • Neurologists
  • Radiologists
  • Vascular medicine physicians
  • Vascular surgeons


  • February 17-21, 2014
  • August 25-29, 2014
  • October 13-17, 2014
  • December 1-5, 2014


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