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Course Information

The Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center and Genomic Medicine Institute will live stream (during US Eastern Daylight Time) the Epilepsy Genetics Update 2020 Conference September 11-13, 2020. The conference will discuss state-of-the-art updates on epilepsy genetics and its implications on the future implementation of gene-informed medical management in epilepsy. The conference features Cleveland Clinic and internationally renowned faculty.

In the past decade, genomics research has led to the identification of more than 100 epilepsy-associated genes that can be clinically tested. With the opportunity to identify the genetic etiology of a patient’s epilepsy, clinicians will be confronted with new decisions regarding patient selection, which genetic test to choose, interpreting the results, and tailoring the treatment using existing drugs and interventions. Educating patients and families about possible outcomes, limitations of genetic testing, and the emergence of gene-disorder family foundations are also at the forefront.

The recorded lectures and speaker slides will be available to all participants for on-demand viewing for one year afterward.

Learning objectives

  • Review the role of genetics in treating epilepsy
  • Discuss methods of genetic testing in epilepsy and genetic test interpretation
  • Discuss the clinical significance of genetic testing
  • Review case-based illustrations of genetic testing use in diagnostics and patient management
  • Discuss the role of community, including patient-based organizations, in raising awareness of genetic testing in epilepsy
  • Review genetic-based pharmacological intervention in treating epilepsy

Target Audience

The program content is appropriate for practicing neurologists, epileptologists, pediatric neurologists, genetic counselors specialized in epilepsy.