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Saturday, November 2. 2019

7:00 am
Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
7:55 am
Welcome and Introduction

Inflammatory Bowel Disease-IBD (8:00 – 9:30 AM)

8:00 am
Do’s and Don’ts in Your Pregnant IBD Patient
Sara El Ouali, MD
8:15 am
Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment in Patients with IBD
Ruthvik Padival, MD
8:30 am
Using “Big Data” Research to Improve Quality of Care in IBD Patients
Benjamin Click, MD
8:45 am
Beyond Anti-TNF: New Biologic Therapies
Taha Qazi, MD
9:00 am
Management of IBD in the Older Patient
Jessica Philpott, MD, PhD
9:15 am
Question and Answers
9:30 am
Break / Exhibits

Liver Diseases (10:00 – 11:30 AM)

10:00 am
Management of HCV
Carlos Romero-Marrero, MD
10:15 am
Nutrition in Chronic Liver Disease
Nicole Welch, MD
10:30 am
Approach to Cholangiocarcinoma
Tavankit Singh, MD
10:45 am
Management of Cirrhosis Post Discharge
Anastasia Sobotka, BSN, RN
11:00 am
Role of Transplant in Cirrhosis
Jamak Modaresi Esfeh, MD
11:15 am
Question and Answers
11:30 am
12:00 pm
Charles Brown Memorial Lecture
“WHO Goal to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis by 2030 – Opportunities and Challenges”
William Carey, MD, Senior Hepatologist, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Therapeutic Endoscopy (1:30 – 3:00 PM)

1:30 pm
Updates on ESD
Amit Bhatt, MD
1:50 pm
Therapeutic EUS
Hassan Siddiki, MD
2:10 pm
Therapies of Barrett’s Esophagus
Sunguk Jang, MD
2:30 pm
Upcoming Advanced Fellow Presentation
Sunguk Jang, MD
3:00 pm
Break / Exhibits

Swallowing Center (3:30 – 5:00 PM)

3:30 pm
Controversies and Innovations in Mass Screening for Barrett’s Esophagus and Esophageal Cancer
Prashanthi Thota, MD
3:50 pm
Acupuncture: Helpful in Gastroenterology
Monica Ray, MD
4:10 pm
Use of a Sleep Positioning Device for Nocturnal GERD
Adam Kichler, MD
4:30 pm
Personalized Care in Achalasia
Scott Gabbard, MD
4:50 pm
Question and Answers
5:00 pm

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