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Optional Non-CME Satellite Symposium

Join us at Medical Dermatology Therapy Update

Attend this update to stay abreast of the current knowledge of traditional therapeutics, as well as biologic and small-molecule therapies, as it applies to a range of important medical dermatologic conditions. In addition, an overview concerning the pathogenesis and diagnosis of various medical dermatologic diseases will be reviewed. Through a knowledgeable approach to therapeutic strategies, practitioners will be able to incorporate the latest research findings into their clinical practice for patients with medical dermatologic diseases, regardless of the extent of systemic involvement.

Learning Objectives

By attending, you will be able to:

  • Describe recent advances in biologic and small-molecule inhibitor drug development for immune-mediated and malignant dermatologic diseases
  • Describe updates in traditional treatment options, both skin-directed and systemic, for medical dermatologic diseases
  • Summarize updates in knowledge concerning pathogenesis of various medical dermatologic diseases and how this relates to both drug development and use of traditional and modern therapeutic options
  • Detail current knowledge related to the role of the skin microbiomes in atopic dermatitis
  • Develop strategies for treating advanced cutaneous malignancies based on histopathologic, immunohistochemical, and molecular data (personalizing medicine)
  • Critically appraise safety and efficacy of therapies for psoriatic disease including traditional treatments, TNF inhibitors, and interleukin inhibitors

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for physicians and advanced practice clinicians in dermatology, immunology, oncology, rheumatology, internal medicine, and other health care professionals caring for patients with autoimmune, chronic inflammatory, and advanced malignant diseases.