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11th Annual Liver Update - Friday, December 7, 2012, Warrensville Heights, Ohio
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Course Description

Nutrition is an all-encompassing specialty that touches on many areas of health, disease management, and wellness. The provision of excellent nutrition care requires a multidisciplinary approach and awareness of current research and professional practices. The first Cleveland Clinic Center for Human Nutrition Symposium will showcase a variety of topics across the field of nutrition, including the newest guidelines for malnutrition, obesity treatments, disease-related GI nutrition, diabetes, cancer, nutrition support and health promotion. These subjects will be addressed through an array of lectures and handson demonstrations to actively engage participation and improve learning.

Course Objectives

After completing this educational activity, the participant will be able to do the following:

  • Diagnose and document malnutrition according to the newest guidelines
  • Describe and confidently utilize the nutrition-focused physical exam
  • Discuss intestinal microbiota and immunonutrition
  • Identify the medical, surgical, and diet therapies used to treat morbid obesity
  • Demonstrate efficient management of fluid and electrolytes during nutrition support
  • Identify the need for enteral and parenteral access devices
  • Indicate treatment for a variety of gastrointestinal disorders including Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis
  • Cite the latest guidelines for diabetes and cancer
  • Describe the steps to effectively develop community programs
  • Recognize alternative approaches to health and disease reversal

Target Audience

The target audience for this Symposium includes practicing physicians, dietitians, nurses and pharmacists in the field of nutrition.

Needs Assessment/Gap Analysis

The Digestive Diseases Institute/Center for Human Nutrition Symposium plans to showcase evidencedbased practice to health care providers that therapeutically manage individuals across the nutrition spectrum from the malnourished to the obese. Our goal is to improve the quality of patient care and enhance the level of information available to physicians, dietitians, nurses, pharmacists, and other providers involved in medical nutrition practice.

Gap Analysis

Practice/knowledge gaps:

  • Practitioners are often unable to stay up to date on advances in nutrition. Therefore, symposiums can bring information to clinicians
  • A high volume of research and clinical trial articles are frequently published leading to knowledge gaps among practitioners regarding the analysis of the data as it applies to clinical practice.


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