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8th Annual Obesity Summit - October 16-17, 2013, Cleveland, OH
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This conference will provide a comprehensive overview of key topics of interest to nurses and other health care professionals specializing in managing the care of adult and pediatric patients along the cancer experience continuum. The focus of the conference is to highlight nursing care related to specific disease groups and treatments, including radiation, surgical, medical, and complimentary modalities.

Stay Current With These Objectives

  • Compare the pharmacology, efficacy, and side effect profile of available chemotherapeutics, radiation therapy, surgical approaches, stem cell transplant, and complimentary therapies
  • Describe the issues facing cancer survivors, including sexuality and fertility concerns
  • Summarize the most recent evidence for treatment of hematologic malignancies and solid tumor malignancies
  • Address the medical and ethical challenges associated with oncology care of Jehovah’s Witnesses
  • Identify the impact of cancer on the patient-family dynamics
  • List the most common issues facing caregivers and describe strategies to address them
  • Describe the nursing approaches for end-of-life care


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