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Wednesday, July 24 – Friday, July 26, 2019

Day 1 | The Future Of Technology

10:00a – 10:30a Arrival and Registration
10:30a – 11:30a CIO Opening Remarks & Cleveland Clinic Information Technology Overview
Ed Marx, Chief Information Officer In this opening session, Ed will share a brief history of the Cleveland Clinic and help attendees understand how technology has always been central to its innovative core. Ed will explain the corporate structure and where healthcare information technology fits in to care for its operations while leading into the digital future. An overview of the technology structure will be shared and how it relates to the overall strategy of the Cleveland Clinic.
11:30a – 12:00p Strategy and IT Roadmap Plus 5 Key Takeaways to Ensure Enterprise Alignment
Ed Marx, Chief Information Officer Ed will get practical and share the current Cleveland Clinic technology strategy, how it was developed and how it is maintained. He will share 5 key takeaways that you can apply to your organizations culture and use as a tool to help ensure enterprise alignment.
12:00p – 1:00p Networking Lunch
1:15p – 2:15p Behind-the-Scenes Tour | Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Today main campus is home to 1,437 hospital beds, one-third intensive care, 101 operating rooms, seven hybrid surgical suites, administrative offices, research labs, educational facilities, 42 buildings on 165 acres, including children’s hospital and facilities for heart, urologic, cancer, eye care and pathology. Experience a behind-the-scenes tour of the innovative and technological advances showcased throughout the enterprise.
2:30p – 5:00p Industry Disruptions Mean Rapid Advances to the Future
Matt Kull, Associate Chief Information Officer
Peter Rasmussen, Medical Director, Distance Health Healthcare is being disrupted as Digital transformation within the hospital changes the way patients engage in their own care. Patients are taking a more active role in their own personal care as technology opens the door to increased transparency and interaction. Cleveland Clinic is rapidly interweaving Digital capabilities throughout our operations in all areas of patient care.
5:00p – 5:30p Color Your World with a Virtual Life Demonstration Via Hololens
Dr. Neil Mehta, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine Get a glimpse and try out our newest approach to medical education and anatomy curriculum through the mixed reality of Microsoft HoloLens.
5:30p Adjourn for Day

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Day 2 | Engaging Patients Through Technology

7:45a – 9:00a Networking Breakfast
9:00a – 10:00a Patient Experience Strategy On Being a Trusted Lifelong Partner
Adrienne Boissy, MD, Chief Experience Officer Participants will learn Cleveland Clinic’s strategy to provide empathic care through a seamless and individualized approach in which CC is a trusted lifelong partner in the health of those served.
  • Organizational Model: Establish consistent Cleveland Clinic patient experience across facilities through setting up core Patient Experience team, governance model and org-wide metrics
  • Relationship Management: Understand individualized needs and preferences, engage in a customized, proactive manner, and provide real-time support and connections
  • Coordinated, Seamless Care: Design an end-to-end care journey that is streamlined and easy to navigate across care settings and health states
  • Simplified Financial Journey: Increase care cost transparency, provide financial advice, and simplify billing
10:00a – 10:15a Break
10:15a – 12:00p Patient Experience Strategy | Voice of the Patient
Chuck Watson, Associate Chief Information Officer
Cleveland Clinic Patient (TBD) Information Technology Department shares ways to leverage voice of the patient in IT solutions.
12:00p – 1:00p Lunch & Learn | Intersection of Technology and Surgical Care
Medical Directors
1:00p – 2:00p What Does the Cutting Edge Look Like at a Top Hospital? Part 1
Application of Tools in the Clinical Setting in Three Parts
Amy Merlino, MD, Enterprise Chief Medical Information Officer
Allison Weathers, MD, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer Participants will have the opportunity to view tools for virtual care (e.g. eICU) as well as interactive patient systems (e.g. Epic bedside).
2:00p – 2:15p Break
2:15p – 3:15p Application of Tools in the Clinical Setting Part 2
Greg Borkowski, MD, Chairman, Imaging Institute 3-D Printing in Imaging
3:15p – 4:30p Application of Tools in the Clinical Setting Part 3  | Tour
Matt Stanton Executive Director, Digital Domain Participants will have the opportunity to view tools for virtual care (e.g. eICU) as well as interactive patient systems (e.g. Epic bedside).
4:30p Adjourn for Day

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Day 3 | Technology Industry Change

7:45a – 8:00a Participant Arrival with Grab & Go Breakfast
8:00a – 11:00a Cybersecurity
Vugar Zeynalov, Chief Information Security Officer Innovative technology is in the hands of Patients and Caregivers, not in a server room somewhere. From connected medical devices and wearables to smart TVs and mobile phones, we are creating more data in more places, which attackers see as more opportunities for theft and extortion. Our Cybersecurity program is building safe and resilient technologies to meet these new demands, and working with caregivers to develop the awareness and habits necessary to maintain our cyber health.
11:00a – 12:00p The Whole World in Their Hands – Literally
Mobile & Patient Engagement Technology
Brent Hicks, Senior Director, Clinical and Digital Architecture Cleveland Clinic leverages different technologies in order to meet its strategic objectives. Physicians are able to access the data they need while meeting administrative and clinical responsibilities through systems such as Haiku and Canto which gives them the ability to see images, drop orders, review schedules and write notes on the go. Patients are also able to utilize mobile technologies to schedule visits, get an electronic copy of their medical record, communicate with their providers, and review results, along with many more features. Learn the features of these types of technologies and ways to leverage at your organization.
12:00p – 1:15p Lunch & Learn | Cleveland Clinic Innovations
1:15p – 2:15p
Balancing an Enterprise Care Delivery Design Across the Globe – A Case Study
Gareth Sherlock, Chief Information Officer, Cleveland Clinic London
Amy Merlino, MD, Enterprise Chief Medical Information Officer
Chuck Watson, Associate Chief Information Officer
Brent Hicks, Senior Director, Clinical and Digital Architecture Implementing technology across a global enterprise is a challenge for many organizations. As healthcare systems grow through mergers and acquisitions as well as expand lives touched through virtual care delivery, balancing an enterprise design while meeting local needs is essential. Case studies of recent experiences with Cleveland Clinic Florida and Cleveland Clinic London will be presented.
2:15p – 3:30p Positive Caregiver Experience Critical to Successful Digital Adoption
Connecting the Dots & Applying Learnings: Validating Change Management in Your Organization 
Ed Marx, Chief Information Officer
John Mccullough, Executive Director - Business Operations Domain Deputy
Nelita Iuppa, DNP, MS, BSN, NEA-BC, RN-BC, Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Nursing Informatics CIOs are at the forefront of driving changes in organizations and industries. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the human component of change. Case studies of recent experiences with digital adoption, ERP implementations and nursing tools will be presented.
3:30p – 4:00p   Closing Remarks & Certificate Distribution

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