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Join us for Dr. Roizen's Preventive, Lifestyle, and Integrative Medicine

Message from Michael F. Roizen, MD

If you want to improve your patients’ health to become physiologically younger, you will not want to miss this conference!


Preventive, integrative, and lifestyle approaches have greatly expanded and this conventional chronic disease prevention and reversal process has yielded some real results in health and dollar savings. Evidence on newer breakthroughs will also allow you to apply these different types of therapies into diverse patient populations, and conditions treated.

As these discoveries and therapies become more integrated into medicine, the sheer volume of different types of therapy and their clinical profiles combine to create gaps among practitioners and patients regarding their clinical efficacy and optimal use in practice.

This conference will focus on discussing the most recent data on these approaches, analyzing their impact, and assessing their best use in clinical practice for the entire family. Key topics to be discussed include aging issues, impact of the immune system, preventing and treating chronic conditions, plant-based and periodic diets and stem cell effects, and newer data on how to use hormone therapies.

The format will focus on evidence-based discussions by experts in preventive and integrative medicine. The overarching goal is to provide participants with the knowledge to understand the benefits and risks of these treatment options and how to integrate them into patient-specific management plans, which will ultimately translate into improved patient outcomes and lower costs.

Attend the optional Friday afternoon workshop that will analyze medical and recreational marijuana and receive 4 additional CME credits.

By Attending, You will Learn How to

  • Review the evidence indicating that four wellness activities can radically improve health, change costs, and improve quality of life
  • Critically appraise research on increasing life span
  • Describe the human data supporting supplements to routinely add to patients’ prescriptions
  • Define why physical activity changes immunity and longevity
  • Analyze the benefits and risks of testosterone and estrogen replacement therapies

Who Should Attend?

This conference is designed for all medical professionals with an interest in applying preventive, lifestyle, and integrative medicine approaches into their practice.