Arab Health Congress: January 24-27, 2011

Leaders in Healthcare

January 26, 2012

Dubai, UAE


Hospitals have realised the importance of their core clientele, the Patient. Healthcare now revolves around the patient and not vice versa.

This conference will share the importance of Patient Experience via assessing its impact at a national level and looking at how to integrate it into the 10 year vision. It will then address the commercial
viability of PE by monetising the emotional value it creates and measuring its success.

This one-day conference is aimed at c-suite delegates who will share their learning experience in how these models could be adapted to the region, considering cross cultural barriers.

Main topics covered:

  • Voice of the patient
  • Technology to improve PE
  • Commercial PE delivery
  • Measure and Monetise the value PE creates


  • Recognize the complimentary relationship between healthcare trends and patient experience
  • Assess the commercial viability of implementing a patient experience strategy in your institution
  • Assess the emotional value of patient experience via return on investment
  • Measure progress from a cross cultural perspective
  • Identify the relevance of technology in the implementation process

Target audience:

  • Physicians in all specialties
  • Medical Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Chairpersons
  • Department Heads
  • Ministry of Health
  • Quality Management
  • Healthcare Advisors
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents
  • Healthcare Strategists
  • Healthcare Investment Fund Managers
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers

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