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Disease Management Clinical Decisions

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



a. Correct.

The PACE trial was a randomized controlled clinical trial that was the first in the world to compare the effectiveness of four main treatments currently employed in the treatment of CFS including adaptive pacing therapy (a form of exercise where the amount of exercise employed is carefully matched to the amount of energy available), cognitive behavior therapy, graded exercise therapy and specialist medical care in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. The trial demonstrated that cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise therapy are both effective treatments when added to specialist medical therapy (SMC) to moderately improve the symptoms for CFS.(10) 

SMC is provided by doctors who specialize in CFS and includes an explanation of the syndrome, advice on management as well as self-help, and symptomatic treatment for difficulties such as impaired sleep, mood disorders and pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) aims to change the cognitive responses that are thought to perpetuate CFS, such as fears about symptoms or activity, and social and emotional obstacles.(10) The results of the important PACE trial have been both hailed as representing a major achievement in CFS research as well as criticized by some including patient advocacy groups who believe that the trial design did not allow generalizability.