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Live monthly video conference non-CME series

Next Live Non-CME Session

Time: September 1, 2017

Speakers: Dr. Anthony Kalloo and
Dr. Gina Adrales - Johns Hopkins University

Moderator: Dr. Park

Topic: Innovations that are working – or not – in the treatment of GERD

Allow your institution or department interact with leading surgical institutions from around the globe via live presentations that address the many clinical challenges facing surgeons in the operating room. The video conference is moderated by experts in bariatric and colorectal surgery and allows for questions to be posed to the presenter with interactive discussions among participants.

Live monthly webcast non-CME series

View live presentations and discussions from the convenience of your computer that address clinical challenges facing surgeons in the operating room, including new, innovative minimally invasive procedures, devices and techniques. The format allows for the opportunity to learn in real time from top-practicing surgeons.

Contact Kristin Bower at bowerk [at] ccf.org or 1-216-445-0447 to learn how you or your institution can view the Innovations in Surgery video conference.

Calendar of Upcoming Sessions

October 6, 2017

Topic: TBD

Presenter: TBD

Moderator: Dr. Schauer

November 3, 2017

Using Social Media to Communicate with Patients and Build your Practice

Presenters: Dr. Julio Mayol - Hospital Clinico San Carlos,
Dr. Antonio Lacy - Hospital Clinic Barcelona and
Dr. Richard Brady - National Health Service

Moderator: Dr. Wexner

December 1, 2017

The New World of Surgical Innovation: Frugal, Reverse and Extremely Affordable

Presenter: Dr. Raymond Price – University of Utah

Moderator: Dr. Park






Participation Instructions

You must have access to videoconferencing equipment in order to participate live in the Innovations in Surgery Series. Here are the three simple steps:

  1. Contact the Cleveland Clinic (Kristin Bower at bowerk [at] ccf.org or 1-216-445-0447) to express interest in joining Dr. Schauer's Innovations in Surgery Videoconference.
  2. Contact Chorus Call (Video Operations at 1-412-858-1390) to schedule a video site certification.  This certification consists of a video connection with the your videoconference equipment to verify audio and video quality.
  3. The morning of the conference, dial the bridge number (provided to you by Chorus Call during the site certification) at 6:45 am Eastern time.  A Video Conference Specialist will greet you and join you to the conference. During conference, Dr. Schauer will announce your participation and the moderator will ask if there are any questions or comments from your site.