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Stroke Virtual Grand Rounds

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Stroke and its potentially debilitating consequences necessitate a preemptive approach in which patients are made aware of the risk factors and early warning signs of stroke and healthcare providers respond expediently with effective therapies that will minimize residual effects and ensure the best-possible quality of life for patients who have experienced stroke. Juxtaposed with this scenario are patients who fail to recognize an impending stroke, leading to a delay in treatment and possibly irreversible neurologic damage.

This educational initiative is designed to bring healthcare providers closer to an ideal of stroke care by providing up-to-date and clinically relevant information applied to a variety of situations. These will include the diagnosis and treatment of an acute stroke in evolution, as well as transient ischemic attack, secondary stroke prevention, primary stroke prevention in association with atrial fibrillation, and stroke or myocardial infarction cross-risk with peripheral arterial disease.

In this Virtual Grand Rounds series, a panel of experts in neurology and internal medicine will offer their perspectives on a series of cases that demonstrate the myriad challenges facing physicians who treat patients with or at risk of stroke. Evidenced-based practices in specialty and primary care medicine will be integrated into these cases for the purposes of highlighting the fundamental need for a continuum of stroke care and reaching the goals of optimizing patient recovery and preventing primary and secondary stroke.