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Course Information

9th Annual Basic and Clinical Immunology for the Busy Clinician Virtual Symposium: Immunopathogenesis and Treatment of Immune Mediated Inflammatory Diseases and the Scientific Basis of Wellness

This annual course is designed for busy clinicians looking for an opportunity to enhance their declarative and procedural knowledge in the field of immunology, as it applies to patients with immune mediated inflammatory diseases. Sessions include an initial remedial seminar on the integrated immune response for those feeling they need a refresher on the basic concepts of human immunology. A second session highlights immunologic advances (pathogenesis, diagnosis, biomarkers) in key autoimmune diseases. A third session applies this knowledge in a series of case-based presentations by leaders in the field on how they approach such patients from a targeted therapy perspective. Reference to treatment guidelines, as well as recent data on efficacy and safety, will be emphasized. The final session centers on how lifestyle and behavior affect immune response and how patient education on lifestyle management can affect clinical outcomes, including quality of life and inflammation.

Why Attend the Virtual Symposium?

  • Learn from national and international experts in the practice of immunology
  • Focus on the management of select diseases with our advanced, case-based presentations
  • Earn CME and ABIM Maintenance of Certification Points
  • Explore our virtual exhibit hall

After completing this live stream activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the scientific knowledge of the integrated immune response and the clinical practice of immunology.
  • Summarize the key recent research findings on basic and clinical immunology and define their impact on patient care.
  • Review the available clinical data on immunotherapies and apply them to individualized care plans for patients with specific immunologic conditions.
  • Analyze research on the immunologic effects of sleep, exercise, and strength and interpret the potential clinical implications.

Who Should Attend?

The symposium is directed to rheumatologists, dermatologists, infectious disease physicians, allergists, clinical immunologists, as well as specialists in integrative medicine, preventive medicine, wellness, primary care, and other health care professionals caring for patients with immunologic diseases.