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Saturday, May 14, 2022

All times listed in Eastern Time
Welcome & Introduction:
Michael Emery, MD & Tamanna Singh, MD

Session 1: Contemporary Screening of the Athletic Heart
Moderator: Tamanna Singh, MD

10:00 am
Evaluation & Cardiac Screening: Primary Care Perspective
Richard Figler, MD
10:15 am
Pre-Participation Evaluation: Scope of History & Physical Adding ECG, Echo and Other Imaging
Tamanna Singh, MD
10:30 am
Incidence of SCD in Athletic Populations: How Often, When, Survival & Etiologies
Thomas Callahan, MD
10:45 am
Guidelines, Shared Decision Making & Risk of Participation
Michael Emery, MD
11:00 am
Presenter Panel Discussion

Session 2: Common Cardiac Problems in Athletes: Etiologies, Risk Stratification & Evaluation
Moderator: Michael Emery, MD

11:30 am
Structural Heart Abnormalities: Aortopathies, Cardiomyopathies
Sagar Kalahasti MD
11:45 am
Acquired Cardiac Conditions: Myocarditis, Comotio Cordis, Toxic (illicit/PEDs), Environmental
Michael Faulx, MD
12:00 pm
Prevalence of Electrical Anomalies: WPW, Long QT, Brugada, CPVT
Ajay Bhargava, MD
12:15 pm
Congenital Heart Disease in Adult Athletes: Coronary Anomalies
Joanna Ghobrial, MD
12:30 pm
Presenter Panel Discussion

Session 3: Return-to-Play Approaches & Live Case Based Discussions with Athletes
Moderator: Tamanna Singh, MD

1:00 pm
Impact of Genetic Testing – When do Athletes Benefit?
Christina Rigelsky, MS
1:20 pm
Heredity Aortic Disease: Considerations for Athletes
Eric E. Roselli, MD
1:40 pm
HCM & Return to Play Recommendations
Michael Emery, MD
2:00 pm
Competitive Athlete with Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator
Mohamed Kanj, MD

Session 4: ECG’s: Rapid Fire Case Review with Experts
Moderator: Michael Emery, MD

2:20 pm
Primer on ECG’s in Athletes & Review of Criteria
Tamanna Singh, MD
2:30 pm
Interpreting ECG’s: Rapid Fire Case Review with Audience Interaction
- Tamanna Singh, MD
- Ajay Bhargava, MD
- Thomas Callahan, MD
- Michael Faulx, MD
3:30 pm
Closing Comments & Adjourn

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