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January, 2012

Should target natriuretic peptide levels be used for outpatient management of chronic heart failure?
Ahmed Ibrahim, MD; Motaz Baibars, MD; M. Chadi Alraies, MD, FACP; Guilherme H. Oliveira, MD

October, 2011

What is the best questionnaire to screen for alcohol use disorder in an office practice?
Keji Fagbemi, MD

March, 2011

Is iron therapy for anemia harmful in the setting of infection?
Ehab Daoud, MD; Engi Nakhla, PharmD; Anita J. Reddy, MD; Reecha Sharma, MD

February, 2011

How should one investigate a chronic cough?
Ryu P.H. Tofts , MBChB; Gustavo Ferrer, MD; Eduardo Oliveira, MD

January, 2011

Do patients with prosthetic joints require dental antimicrobial prophylaxis?
Eric Omar Gomez, MD; Douglas R. Osmon, MD, MPH; Elie F. Berbari, MD

June 2008

Does noninvasive positive pressure ventilation have a role in managing hypercapnic respiratory failure due to an acute exacerbation of COPD?
Ari J. Gershman, DO; Anita J. Reddy, MD; Marie M. Budev, DO, MPH; and Peter J. Mazzone, MD, MPH

March 2008

What are the caveats to using sodium phosphate agents for bowel preparation?
Rohit Makkar, MD and Bo Shen, MD

Should patients on long-term warfarin take aspirin for heart disease ?
Surabhi Madhwal, MD, A. Michael Lincoff, MD and David D.K. Rolston, MD

February 2008

Should all patients with chronic kidney disease take a statin?
Dena Rifkin, MD and Mark Sarnak, MD, MS

January 2008

When should a methacholine challenge be ordered for a patient with suspected asthma?
Edina Swartz, MD and David Lang, MD

May 2007

Should all patients with acute pericarditis be treated with colchicine?
Heath Saltzman, MD and Howard H. Weitz, MD

September 2006

When should prophylactic anticoagulation begin after a hip fracture?
Paul J. Grant, MD and Amir K. Jaffer, MD

August 2006

How often should patients with hepatitis C be screened for esophageal varices?
Christopher Entwisle, MD and Zobair M. Younassi, MD, MPH

June 2006

Should beta-blockers be discontinued when a patient is admitted to the hospital with acutely decompensated heart failure?
Wassim H. Fares, MD and Ashish Aneja, MD

January 2006

What is osteopenia, and what should be done about it?
Nelson B. Watts, MD

How should we advise patients about the contraceptive patch, given the FDA warning?
Holly Thacker, MD; Tommaso Falcone, MD; Ashish Atreja, MD, MPH; Anil Jain, MD; C. Martin Harris, MD, MBA

December 2005

How long can my patient use intranasal steroid sprays?
Lilly C. Pien, MD

September 2005

How soon can a patient undergo noncardiac surgery after receiving a drug-eluting stent?
Howard H. Weitz, MD

August 2005

Should patients with TIAs be hospitalized?
Derk W. Krieger, MD

March 2005

Do hip fractures need to be repaired within 24 hours of injury?
Christopher M. Whinney, MD

January 2005

Should adults with suspected acute bacterial meningitis get adjunctive corticosteroids?
James C. Pile, MD and David L. Longworth, MD

October 2004

Which adults with acute diarrhea should be evaluated?
What is the best diagnostic approach?

Thomas Helton, DO and David D.K. Rolston, MD