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Editorial Policy


The Cleveland Clinic Disease Management website provides practitioners with a resource of current, expert information about diseases commonly seen in clinical practice. The site includes comprehensive, evidence-based reviews of current best practices and published clinical practice guidelines. The information is critically assessed and interpreted for potential implications in clinical practice, providing an up-to-date guide for optimal clinical care.

Intended to provide general guidance for healthcare providers, the content cannot be construed as providing specific recommendations for a particular patient. Care has been taken to check drug dosages. Healthcare providers should recheck dosages of all medications before prescribing for their patients.

Disease Management is offered as a service of The Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education and Scientific Publications.

Editorial Board

The Editorial Board, composed of experienced Cleveland Clinic specialists, is responsible for the selection of topics and authors, and for review of medical content. All opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent a specific endorsement by Cleveland Clinic.

Editorial board members conduct an annual review of topics included in each section. Published dates are provided for new and updated topics, as well as date of last review by a Cleveland Clinic physician reviewer.


Authored by current or past specialists at Cleveland Clinic, each chapter is designed to incorporate current best practices in a fashion that is simple, straightforward, and of maximum clinical utility. If an author disagrees with these guidelines, it is clearly indicated, as is the reason. Thus, the reader has the best of both possible worlds: knowing what the guideline recommends and also knowing how an expert interprets and updates these guidelines in the real world.

Updates to existing topics are thoroughly reviewed and revised but not necessarily completely rewritten. In this case, prior authors are acknowledged for at least a year at the bottom of the page. Author disclosures are displayed at the bottom of the page.

Reprint Permission

To request permission to republish any of the information on the Disease Management website, please contact the Cleveland Clinic Scientific Publications Department by e-mail at ccjm [at]