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Series - Neurology

Beyond the Pages: CCJM Podcast
“Beyond the Pages: CCJM Podcast” takes you in depth into Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine articles. Through moderated interviews with the authors and article reviews by experts in the field, clinicians can have an even better understanding of clinical breakthroughs that are changing the practice of medicine and how to practically apply them in patient care.
CoOccuring Conditions and Autism Spectrum Disorders
This online, CME-certified series provides expert insight about the co-occurring conditions and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Topics addressed include challenges faced by those aging with autism, gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal pain, constipation and GERD are some common co-morbidities in persons with autism, and barriers to individualized medical care that are encountered by persons with autism.
Neuro Pathways
Neuro Pathways is a Cleveland Clinic podcast for medical professionals exploring the latest research discoveries and clinical advances in the fields of neurology and neurosurgery. Learn how the landscape for treating conditions of the brain, spine and nervous system is changing from experts in Cleveland Clinic's Neurological Institute.