Webcast CME

Series - Neurology

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research and Medical Treatment Implications Series 4
This activity provides expert insight about behavioral improvement that can be achieved when underlying comorbid medical and neurological issues associated with autism are addressed. Health of children and adults with autism should be improved by virtue of educating about medical and neurological etiologies associated with this complex disorder. 
Epilepsy and Autism Spectrum Disorders
This online, CME-certified series provides expert insight about the co-occurrence of epilepsy in a discussion of ASD. Increased understanding of the children and adults with autism who experience seizures should be improved by virtue of educating about emerging genetic findings associated with this complex disorder.
Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Cleveland Clinic State-of-the-Art Review
This series will provide an in-depth review of OSA, including screening, diagnosis, and therapy, so that general practitioners may more quickly and effectively identify OSA and treat their patients.