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Join us for the CME-certified 6th Annual Basic and Clinical Immunology for the Busy Clinician: An Immunology Boot Camp.


Plan to attend this one-of-a-kind symposium with a unique array of educational offerings in the field of clinical immunology. Designed for busy clinicians caring for patients with IMIDs who desire to increase their declarative and procedural knowledge in the field, as it applies to patient care.

This symposium will have three distinct modules:

Fundamentals of Basic and Clinical Immunology

Over the past few years of holding this course, some of our learners have requested a remedial jumpstart. This year we will provide a 30,000 foot overview of immune responsiveness, followed by a series of recent advances in basic and clinical immunology on innate and adaptive immunity, as well as the immunologic implications of the microbiome.

Immune Therapeutics: Advances in Biologic Therapies for IMIDs

This module will take a deep dive into understanding the basic biology and mechanisms of action of our current and emerging biologic armamentarium. These data are essential to understanding their clinical application and predicting and preventing toxicity.

Integration of Immunologic Health into Clinical Practice

This first of its kind module will focus on how to incorporate immunologic wellness into your medical practice. The content is designed especially for patients with IMIDs, but will be applicable to any patient concerned about their immunologic health. This session will explore how behavior (i.e. diet, exercise, stress, sleep, etc.) impacts our integrated immune system and how we as clinicians can work with our patients to achieve immunologic health as part of our daily care.

In addition, we will start each day with yoga instruction and a workshop on mindfulness/meditation for both ourselves as caregivers, as well as our patients. Never has a conference been so specifically tailored to bridge the bench to the bedside and beyond!

Target Audience

The symposium is directed to rheumatologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, allergists, clinical immunologists, and specialists in infectious disease, integrative medicine, primary care and other health care professionals caring for patients with immunologic diseases.


By attending, you will be able to do the following:

  • Describe the basic flow of activity in the integrated immune response and identify key cells, cytokines, and receptor ligand pairs that drive the immune response
  • Critically appraise highlights from recent peer-reviewed scientific literature on cutting-edge topics in basic and clinical immunology
  • Summarize the mechanisms of action of biologic therapeutics and relate it to their effectiveness in indicated disease targets
  • Detail the risks of both predictable and unpredictable adverse events associated with biologic therapies
  • Explain the concept of immunologic wellness and appraise the evidence on how achieving it can be beneficial for overall health in the setting of immunologic diseases
  • Incorporate recommendations in clinical practice regarding diet, exercise, and mind/body techniques to achieve immunologic health