Thursday September 21, 2023
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6:45 am
Continental Breakfast and Visit Exhibits
7:30 am
Opening Remarks

Obesity Advocacy Session
Moderator: Bartolome Burguera MD, PhD

7:40 am
Tipping the Scale: Pursuing Equity in Care
Kendalle Cobb, MD
8:00 am
The Essential Role for People Living with Obesity in Advocacy
Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA
8:20 am
Medication Options in the Current Insurance Reimbursement Climate
Jamy Ard, MD
8:40 am
The Role of State Obesity Advocacy
W. Scott Butsch, MD
9:00 am
Food Insecurity and Obesity
Ricardo Correa, MD
9:20 am
Panel Discussion
9:50 am
Break and Visit Exhibits

Treating the Whole Patient Session
Moderator: Leslie Heinberg PhD, MA

10:20 am
Clinical Cases
Leslie Heinberg PhD
10:30 am
What’s the Best Diet?
Donna Ryan, MD
10:50 am
Optimizing Obesity Care with Exercise
Bret Goodpaster, PhD
11:10 am
Treating the Whole Patient: Obesity and Mental Health
Jennifer Duncan, PsyD
11:30 am
Weight Loss Targets: Lessons Learned from Bariatric Surgery
Joseph Vidal, MD, PhD
11:50 am
Panel Discussion
12:20 pm
Lunch Break
Non-CME Lunch Opportunity
1:45 pm

Concurrent Workshops


Workshop A: Sarcopenic Obesity in the Older Patient with Diabesity or Osteosarcopenia

Ryan Majcher, RD
Willy Marcos Valencia, MD, MS
Amy Wolf, RD


Workshop B: When Enough is Enough: Managing Weight Loss Expectations  and GLP1s

Peminda Cabandugama, MD
Donna Ryan, MD


Workshop C: Pediatrics/Family-based Treatment of Obesity

Lina Alkhaled, MD
Jennifer Brubaker, PhD
Taylor Stephens, PhD


Workshop D: Assessing and Managing Disordered Eating in the Obesity Population

Ninoska Peterson, PhD
Serena Stevens, PhD

2:30 pm
2:45 pm

Concurrent Workshops


Workshop E: Pediatric and Adolescent Obesity: An Overview

Lina Alkhaled, MD


Workshop F: Motivating Patients to Make Health Behavior Changes

David Creel, PhD
Emily Durfey, LSW


Workshop G: Exercise Prescription: Initial Assessment and Dose Titration

Mathew Kampert, DO
Bret Goodpaster, PhD


Workshop H: Providing Weight Sensitive Care from the Primary Care Perspective

Reena Bose, MD
Yael Mauer, MD

3:30 pm
Break and Visit Exhibits

Obesity and Complications Session
Moderator: Kevin Pantalone, DO

3:45 pm
Obesity and its Effects on Breast Cancer Aggressiveness
Derek LeRoith, MD
4:05 pm
Obesity and Metabolic (dysfunction) Associated Steatotic Liver Disease
Sobia Laique, MD
4:25 pm
Obesity and Pregnancy
Oluwatosin Goje, MD
4:45 pm
Impact of New American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines
Roy Kim, MD
5:05 pm
Panel Discussion
5:25 pm

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Friday, September 22, 2023
All times in Eastern Time

6:45 am
Registration, Continental Breakfast and Visit Exhibits

Surgical Treatment Session
Moderator: Sergio Bardaro, MD

7:30 am
Expanding Indications for Bariatric Surgery
Omar Ghanem, MD
7:55 am
New ASMBS/IFSO Guidelines for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery
Jaime Ponce, MD
8:20 am
Pathophysiology of Metabolic Surgery
Josep Vidal, MD
8:45 am
Updates on Endoscopic Bariatric and Metabolic Therapies
Roberto Simons-Linares, MD
9:10 am
Panel Discussion
9:30 am
Break and Visit Exhibits

Medical Treatment of Obesity Session
Moderator: Marcio Griebeler, MD

10:00 am
Clinical Cases
Vinni Makin, MD
10:20 am
Approaches to Building a Pharmacotherapy Treatment Plan for Obesity
Jamy Ard, MD
10:40 am
Health Consequences of Obesity Can be Reversed by Bariatric Surgery
Ali Aminian, MD
11:00 am
Insights about GLP-1 trials (STEP trials) for Obesity and Diabetes Management
Tim Garvey, MD
11:20 am
Emerging Therapies for Obesity
Tim Garvey, MD

Case Discussion
Patient Centered Treatment Session

Moderator: Marcio Griebeler, MD

11:35 am
Patient Narratives
Patient Panel
12:15 pm
Lunch Break
Non-CME Lunch Opportunity
1:30 pm

Concurrent Workshops


Workshop I: Medical Management of Surgical Patients

W. Scott Butsch, MD
Derrick Cetin, DO


Workshop J: How to Setup an Obesity Clinic

Marcio Griebeler, MD
Wei Zhang, MD
Katy Corte, RD


Workshop K: Lifestyle Intervention for Management of Obesity- Wearables

Jessica Ruff, MD


Workshop L :Challenging Clinical Cases

Tim Garvey, MD
Beth Czerwony, RD

2:15 pm
Break and Visit Exhibits

Weight Recurrence/Regain Session
Moderator: W. Scott Butsch, MD

2:40 pm
Pathophysiology of Weight Regain
Donna Ryan, MD
3:00 pm
Approach to Weight Regain in our Practice
Bartolome Burguera, MD, PhD
3:20 pm
Surgical Options: Role of Revisions
Matt Kroh, MD
3:40 pm
Challenges with Weight Regain: Ask the Experts
Moderator: Marcio Griebeler, MD
Bartolome Burguera, MD, PhD
W. Scott Butsch, MD
Kasey Goodpaster, PhD
Matt Kroh, MD
Donna Ryan, MD
4:15 pm
Closing Remarks and Adjourn

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