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All times in Eastern Time

7:30 AM Registration/Continental Breakfast/Exhibits
8:25 AM Welcome and Introductions
Hubert Fernandez
Moderator: Diego Torres-Russotto
8:30 AM

Hope vs. Hype I: It is time to redefine and rename Parkinson disease based on alpha synuclein

  • Agree: Kathleen Poston
  • Disagree: Tiago Mestre
9:30 AM

Convention vs. Innovation I: Skin biopsy for synuclein inclusions should now be used in the clinical setting

  • Agree: Drew Kern
  • Disagree: Liana Rosenthal
10:30 AM Refreshment Break/Exhibits
11:00 AM

Convention vs. Innovation II: Genetic profiles should be a standard consideration in the assessment for DBS candidacy

  • Agree: Thomas Tropea
  • Disagree: Adolfo Ramirez-Zamora
12:00 PM Lunch/Exhibits
Moderator: Irene Malaty
1:00 PM

Convention vs. Innovation III: The promise of stem cell therapy in Parkinson disease remains bright and getting brighter

  • Agree: Claire Henchcliffe
  • Disagree: Alfonso Fasano
2:00 PM

Hope vs. Hype II: We should stop embarking on epidemiology-based disease-modifying clinical trials

  • Agree: Alberto Espay
  • Disagree: Michael Schwarzschild
3:00 PM Refreshment Break/Exhibits
3:30 PM

Hope vs. Hype III: We should be more open to endorsing cannabis for Parkinson disease

  • Agree: Eric Farbman
  • Disagree: Diego Torres-Russotto
4:30 PM Preview on the Updates Session: The State of Genetics in PD
Martha Nance
5:15 PM Adjourn
5:15–6:30 PM Welcome and Networking Reception

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All times in Eastern Time

7:30 AM Refreshment Break/Exhibits
Moderator: Irene Malaty
8:00 AM Advances in Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders
Alexander Pantelyat
8:45 AM The Most Promising Symptomatic Therapies in PD
William Ondo
9:30 AM Brunch/Exhibits
10:15 AM Current and Emerging Infusion Therapies in PD
Hubert Fernandez
11:00 AM Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery
Corneliu Luca
11:45 AM Progress in Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in PD
Gregory Pontone
12:30 PM Adjourn

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A five-minute question and answer period is included in each speaker’s alotted time.